A Guide to Color Grading in Mistika Boutique

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June 6th
11:00 CEST

Here is What You'll Learn

Setting up a Timeline in Mistika Boutique for

Color Correction

How to layer the timeline

Setting up your stack

Learning the flow of the stack

The Color Node

RGB Primaries & Printer Lights

HSL Bands & Ranges

Fixed Vectors

Curves - RGB & HSL

The Vector Hierarchy

The Options Panel

Is a new Vector a serial Node?

The Key Source

Impact on Ranges and Fix Vectors

Q & A

After this Masterclass, Mistika Expert User

will also be available to answer questions

raised during the session.


About Mistika Boutique Live Masterclasses

SGO introduces Mistika Masterclass, free online live training sessions, providing its users with a thorough understanding of Mistika Boutique, the recently released full-finishing software solution for Windows and macOS.

This ongoing series of interactive learning for Mistika Boutique will cover an extensive spectrum of topics, from basic operations to the most advanced techniques and tricks, and also providing innovative solutions for technical challenges faced during content creation.

About SGO & Mistika Technology

SGO is a Spanish high-end technology company with decades of experience in developing and integrating high-end post-production solutions. Their award-winning Mistika Ultima post-production Hero Suite has achieved market notoriety for developing customized post tools and workflows for many of the industry leaders all around the world. Built on years of research, development and production experience, Mistika Technology empowers users with new levels of creative power, performance, and efficiency in HDR, UHD/4K, 8K, S3D, and VR workflows. As part of its Multidimensional Workflow Concept, SGO has started to slice toolsets of its globally-acclaimed Hero Suite Mistika Ultima to address specific industry needs and develop advanced workflow applications, with Mistika VR being the first one.


Recently released Mistika Boutique is a completely scalable, truly interactive and totally resolution independent full-finishing software solution for Windows and macOS, offered in a single application, exclusively available on a subscription basis through the SGO Shop.


The next one to join is Mistika Workflows, an all-new and affordable software solution, enabling the creation of standard and user-defined media workflows without any knowledge about programming.


For more information contact: marketing@sgo.es

June 6th
11:00 CEST